January, 2020 - Clongowes Wood College

SCT First Round Success

31st January 2020

  Clongowes Wood College 34:Terenure College 14 The Clongowes Senior Cup team had their first outing against Terenure College in the Bank of Ireland, Leinster Senior Schools Cup at Donnybrook on Wednesday. They prevailed with a 20-point victory following a terrific start from Terenure and an impressive finish by Clongowes. The Clongowes boy’s determined faces…read article

Alumnus of the Year 2019

29th January 2020

Congratulations to Mr Niall Beddy OC ’04 who has been named Alumnus of the Year 2019 in recognition of his outstanding contribution to conservation efforts in Africa. Niall will receive his award at the Clongowes Union Dinner on Friday, February 7th. The first-ever Alumnus of the Year award was presented at the Union Dinner back…read article

The Elements Belfast Tour 2020

28th January 2020

Last Monday, the Elements group set out on their traditional Belfast tour which would include a variety of academic, cultural and sporting activities. The bus pulled into the grounds of Campbell College in Belfast and there was an air of excitement amongst the boys who were looking forward to playing three rugby matches. The mood…read article

Farewell to Fr Michael McGuckian SJ

24th January 2020

Fr Michael McGuckian SJ grew up in Cloughmills, a small village in Co. Antrim. He is an accomplished author having published his book, The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: A Search for an Acceptable Notion of Sacrifice (2005) in addition to various other theological articles. Fr Michael completed a degree in Applied Mathematics at Queens…read article

The Memorial Mass of Fr Philip Fogarty SJ

22nd January 2020

A Memorial Mass for Fr Philip Fogarty SJ took place on Sunday, it was altogether fitting to have this during the week of prayer for Christian Unity. The entire Clongowes community gathered for our weekly Eucharist and were joined by past pupils, Jesuits and friends of the college to remember the work done by Philip….read article

Visit of the Tertians to Clongowes

20th January 2020

Whilst the church celebrates the end of Christmas with the ‘Feast of the Epiphany’ and the visit of the three wise men, we in Clongowes celebrate our first Sunday Eucharist of the new year with a visit from ten wise men – just not to be out-done! This year’s annual visit of the Tertian Jesuits…read article

Syntax Forensic Investigation Workshop – Who Shot JFK?

17th January 2020

On Saturday, the 11th of January, the Syntax group participated in a Forensic Workshop which investigated the mysterious case of the assassination of John F. Kennedy or JFK, as he is more commonly known. Forensic Fun, a highly experienced provider of these types of workshops, brought the boys through the process of gathering clues, analysing…read article

The Academy Considers Psychopaths and Sociopaths

15th January 2020

What is the Academy? The Clongowes Academy was set up by Fr Hilary Lawton, Prefect of Studies, back in the 1950s as a modern-day version of Plato’s Academy from Ancient Greece. Assembling on Tuesday evenings in the Fr Peter Kenney Library, it follows a strictly academic model where each member must present a scholarly paper…read article

Welcome to the New Australian GAP Students

13th January 2020

We recently welcomed our GAP students from Sydney, Australia who have travelled half-way across the globe to spend the year immersed in life here at Clongowes. As part of the GAP programme with our sister schools, six of our own Rhetoric 2019 graduates are currently living and working in the Sydney schools.   Michael Cheok,…read article

Elements Author Visit

10th January 2020

Yesterday, the author of Dangerous Games, Mr James Butler, visited Clongowes to discuss his very successful novel with our Elements group. Dangerous Games, set in Ireland, is a gritty and suspenseful urban tale of two brothers whose lives have been radically changed following the death of their father. The boys were all ears as James discussed…read article

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