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Posted: 28th February 2024

a group of school boys holding rosettes

The annual SciFest STEM fair at Clongowes took place on February 22nd in the Science, Art and Technology building.

Elements students have been working hard on their diverse and very interesting projects so they were keen to showcase their work to students, staff and external judges.

Founder and CEO of SciFest, Sheila Porter said: “The projects presented were of a high standard and the enthusiasm of the students when presenting clearly demonstrated their significant learning and sense of achievement.

Jack Shannon (Rhetoric) is the current National SciFest Champion and will go to the USA to represent Ireland in May.  Jack and the School Captain, Matthew Kelly were on hand to encourage and congratulate the Elements boys on a job very well done.

Ms Nolan, Elements Academic Year Head and teacher of science and biology has spearheaded the SciFest for STEM at Clongowes.  Ms Nolan announced the winners at an award ceremony on Wednesday 28th February.

Congratulations to all the boys who took part and well done to those who were awarded prizes and commendations!


Prize Student Project Title 
Overall Winner Eli John Kiernan Does the height of a bowler affect how they bowl in relation to bowling style and the number of wickets taken per innings?
Students’ Choice – Captain’s Prize Zack O’Leary How educated are we on the health benefits of fermentation?
Overall Runner Up Davin Gaffney Does the cost or packaging claim of a battery affect how good it is?
Overall Runner Up Henry McHugh Is the eye the window to the brain?
EirGrid Award Luke Ryan Do blade designs impact the performance of wind turbines? 
Scientific Creativity Award Michael Kehoe What would dodo meat taste like?
Young Environmental Award Aran O’Donnell Microplastics – What are they and are they a problem?
Positive Health Promotion Patrick Sheridan Investigating the effects of vaping on the human body.
Commended Lochlainn Sweeney Will a soil’s pH affect the rate of decay of buried materials
Commended Odhran Doyle How can I reduce food waste in my family?
Commended Reuben McElwee Can we improve our optimal intelligence?
Commended Naoise O’Dalaigh Does sleeping affect singing voice?
Commended Max Kinsella How does light pollution affect the growth of plants?
Commended Hugo Cooke Investigating the melting point of chocolate.
Commended Nikolai Williams Does the material of a music pipe affect how loud music travels through it?
Commended Callum Mooney Biohacking Sleep and Recovery.
Commended John Kenny Do video games affect the human brain?
Commended Tom Cotter What are the physiological and psychological impacts of sport?


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