The principal objective of the Clongowes Wood College Foundation, as set out in its Trust Deed, is “the advancement of education through the support, maintenance, and development of Clongowes Wood College and through the support of the students attending Clongowes Wood College.”

The college’s operating surplus falls short of what is needed to maintain the past and build for the future. The role of the Foundation is to fund this shortfall thereby allowing the Board of Management to plan for the future of the school and deliver on its objective of educating young men of “competence, conscience and compassionate commitment”.

In the early 2000’s a decision was made to create a separate charity to the College.  In late 2004, the Foundation was founded. 2019 marked the 15 year anniversary of its creation

Over these past fifteen years, the Foundation and the College, together, have overseen a significant enhancement of the School’s infrastructure; and, through the introduction of the Alberto Hurtado Bursary Programme, have widened the access to a Clongowes education. These achievements could not have taken place without the financial support of some 800 past pupils, parents, friends of the College as well as the Jesuit Community and Province, who have given so generously. Nor could these achievements have taken place without the energy and commitment of those that have worked before us in the Foundation; those that have nurtured the AHP to the success it is today and our Trustees, past and present.

Our most recent development has been the renovation and upgrade of the Infirmary which opened its doors in November 2020. The Infirmary was built in 1872 and was one of a number of buildings overseen by the then Rector, Fr. Carbery S.J.  According to A Short History of Clongowes Wood College published in 2011 by local historian and long-time teacher of history in Clongowes, Mr Brendan Cullen, the Infirmary was a tall freestanding building with large windows to ensure adequate ventilation and a top storey that could be turned into an isolation ward to contain infectious diseases! The Infirmary is an example of how the foresight of some came to benefit the generations of pupils who followed.  It has served the College well for over the past century and a half, and shall continue to serve pupils for many decades to come.


Joe Rooney 

Chair of Fundraising
Tel: 00353 (0) 45 838 215

Emma Robinson

Development Officer
Tel: 045 902334

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