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Sport plays an important role in the co-curricular life at Clongowes.  Our 550 acre campus (222 hectare) has an abundance of space for outdoor and indoor sports.

Clongowes is best known for its active participation in rugby during the season but there also are many other sports enjoyed such as football/soccer, golf, basketball, tennis, swimming, cricket, fencing, athletics, GAA, weight training and more.

Participation in sport is encouraged for mental and physical wellbeing and the school day allows for sport every day with competitive fixtures on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.

With a community of 450 students and a dedicated team of sports coaches there is always a team for boys to join and a new sport to try.

Creativity Culture

Clongowes has a proud tradition of music and drama playing an important part of life at the school.

Our vibrant music department has three school choirs, a full orchestra and a traditional music group.  Boys can study music as part of the Junior and Senior curriculum or can opt to take part in musical activities outside of the classroom. Students are encouraged to take part and can avail of tuition to learn an instrument, join a choir or get involved in developing their own vocal skills. The school orchestra of over 70 students embarks on a European tour every other year whilst our active traditional group regularly play in local venues.

Students can enjoy performance studies as part of their Junior Cycle and older students can take part in drama productions each year.  Drama has a long tradition at the school with several of our recent alumni regularly seen on stage and screen.


Debating and public speaking has long been associated with Clongowes.  Many students enjoy getting involved in debating.

Starting in the Third Line, (Elements and Rudiments) students come together in teams to formulate their strategies and arguments.  Students grow in confidence, learn to engage the audience and project their voices, to be focused, arrange their thoughts and speak with conviction, all of which are useful life skills.

Debating skills are honed throughout boys’ time at Clongowes with weekly debates – sometimes in Irish, French and German!

Higher Line students may apply to join ‘The Academy’ – a modern day interpretation of Plato’s Academy from Ancient Greece.  Students present a scholarly paper of some 40 minutes to his peers, who then pose questions about his research.  Students choose a subject that interests them so there are always an eclectic range of presentations.

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