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The Clongowes Wood College Foundation is an independent charity governed by a Trust Deed dated 24th November 2004 which has been supplemented by additional deeds. It is registered with the Charities Regulator (RCN # 20057688) and has charitable tax status from the Revenue Commissioners (CHY #16175). The Foundation is independently audited, and its accounts are available upon request to donors: past, present or potential. The Foundation is committed to operate according to best practice corporate governance based on recommendations in CRA (the Charities Regulator), guidance documents and the Charities Governance Code 2020.

Governors at Clongowes

As a separate charity to the School, the Foundation has its own Board of Trustees appointed by the Jesuit Provincial. The Foundation Trustees ensure correct governance in all fiduciary matters relating to the Foundation and the Foundation in turn reports to the Foundation Trustees and to the College Board of Management.

The Foundation is staffed by Joe Rooney (Chair of Fundraising), Emma Robinson (Development Officer) and Antoinette Kelly (Director of Development). Joe, Emma and Antoinette work closely with Denise Nichol, the School’s Director of Finance and Administration and Clare Daly of the Finance Department.

The Board of Trustees

Mr Patrick Halpenny (OC ’77), the Chairperson | Fr. Shane Daly SJ, the Provincial | Fr. Michael Sheil SJ (OC ’56) the Rector of Clongowes | Mr Chris Lumb, the Headmaster | Mr Martin Nugent, a past deputy Headmaster of the College and ex-Chair of Fundraising for the Foundation | Mr Tom O’Brien from the Jesuit Provincial’s Office | Mr Joe Rooney (OC ’79), a member of the College’s Board of Management and the current Chair of Fundraising.

Clongowes Foundation US Inc.

Karl Finnegan (OC ’89), President  |  John F. Hegarty, Treasurer  |  William J McNally, Legal Advisor | John Kilbride (OC ’60)  |  Harley Griffiths (OC ’66)  |  Fergus Moylan (OC ’62).

Auditors: KPMG, 1 Stokes Place, Dublin2.

Solicitors: O’Connell Brennan Solicitors, 10 Lower Hatch Street, Dublin 2

Bankers: AIB Private Banking, 10 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2.



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