Shooting Hoops

18th May 2018

Past v Present Basketball The evening of the Thursday 24thof April saw several OCs arrive confidently back to the sports hall to take on our current Senior basketball team, in a Past v Present battle. This was a match of Coach versus Coach and Brother versus Brother. Uncle of current school basketball captain Conrad Daly,…read more

Strength in Faith

16th May 2018

Confirmation Ceremony Most Reverend Denis Nulty, Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin visited Clongowes yesterday (May 15th) to confirm 18 of our pupils and support them in their adult faith journey. It was a joyous occasion attended by those to be confirmed (confirmandi), their Faith Friends and Sponsors and in the company of their peers in…read more

Real World Problems

14th May 2018

Maths Modelling Back in October, any 5th and 4th years who wanted to take part in maths modelling gathered in Mr. O’Hara’s classroom where Professor James Gleeson presented them with three problems they could work on for the next six months. The problems were: make a model that would tell us the predicted number of colonoscopies we…read more

Following the Way

12th May 2018

Two weeks ago forty two pilgrims from Clongowes made their ways to the Basque Country in Northern Spain, there to embark on a pilgrimage that would lead them from the birthplace of St Ignatius in Loyola to one of the most important Ignatian sites in Manresa, while also dipping their toes in the Camino de…read more

The Auld Triangle 2018

10th May 2018

2018 TRIANGLE RACE The origins of racing ‘The Triangle’ in Clongowes, while hardly lost in the mists of time, are certainly unclear. It is such an obvious course that it is likely that boys ran and raced it as long as boys have run and raced in Clongowes. As regards the modern event, Fr Bruce…read more

Fearless Like A Child

8th May 2018

In 2012, just over a year after leaving Clongowes, Jack Kavanagh (OC’11) sustained a spinal cord injury following a simple windsurfing accident only weeks before entering his second year of Pharmacy in TCD. As a result he is paralysed from the armpits down with 15% muscle function remaining. However this has not deterred Jack from…read more

African Immersion Experience

6th May 2018

Just before Easter 23 young pilgrims from Poetry aided and abetted by their chaperones Ms Alexis Fox and Mr Liam McGovern, Spiritual Advisor Fr. Michael Sheil SJ, group leader Mr Garry Corcoran and Gap Student Tim Ross, set out on this year’s immersion experience to Malealea, Lesotho… The Malealea Development Trust coordinated events on the…read more

Return of the MACSI

4th May 2018

On Wednesday 18th April Professor James Gleeson returned for his final visit to the Clongowes physics and applied maths students, who are involved in research projects with the Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry of the University of Limerick to develop mathematical models for real world problems. Professor Gleeson had already visited us in October and…read more

Headmaster’s Assembly

2nd May 2018

The Headmaster’s Assembly took place on 18th April to welcome the boys back after the Easter break and to recognise their achievements and participation in the life of the school. Diligence Diligence Awards for the second term, as judged by the Academic Year Heads, were awarded to those who have scored high diligence marks during…read more

Trad Group in Manresa

30th April 2018

Last Thursday saw the Clongowes Trad group travel to the Jesuit Centre of Spirituality in the lovely surroundings of Manresa House overlooking Dublin Bay. The group was invited by the Rector, Father Michael Shiel SJ, to perform at the gathering of European Formatters. On arrival we were greeted by Terry Howard S J, who introduced us to…read more

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