Head down, eye on the ball…

4th May 2016

Connor Mulholland (Poetry) recently spent two weeks at the American Golf Academy of Biarritz under the instruction of Michael Magher, a former PGA tour player, who advanced into the top 100 golfers in the world at the peak of his career. Michael’s philosophy of the golf swing came directly from Ben Hogan’s five fundamentals of…read more

United in Music

29th April 2016

It is said that ‘music is the great uniter – an incredible force’ and that was well demonstrated when 73 members of the Clongowes orchestra and 80 members of the Holy Family, Newbridge choir, as well as their newly formed orchestra, came together in performance on Tuesday afternoon last, 26th May. Dan Lumb (Poetry) takes…read more

Duck Push Golf Classic – April 2016

29th April 2016

This year as part of their fundraising efforts for Duck Push 2016 a group of boys in Transition Year applied to take responsibility for running the Duck Push classic golf competition in the K Club. James Lambe and Rory McMahon were there… Paddy Culhane, David Hanly, James and Niall McCormick and Darragh Slattery put a…read more

London Leadership: Business of Global Creativity

26th April 2016

The Clongowes Foundation welcomed over sixty OC’s with their guests to Hallam Conference Centre on April 7th last. Nick Hewer OC’62, famous for his role on the BBC’s programme The Apprentice, interviewed William Sargent OC’73 – a man typically not interested in accolades or even attention. William arrived to Clongowes at age of tender age of 11,…read more

Headmaster’s Assembly

21st April 2016

Before lunch on Wednesday (April 20th) the Boys’ Chapel was packed for the third Headmaster’s Assembly of the year. After the opening prayer by the Rector, Fr Michael Sheil, the Headmaster, Mr Chris Lumb took to the podium to recognise some of the achievements of our students in recent weeks. His first task was to…read more

The Auld Triangle

20th April 2016

The origins of racing ‘The Triangle’ in Clongowes, while hardly lost in the mists of time, are certainly unclear. It is such an obvious course that it is likely that boys ran and raced it as long as boys have run and raced in Clongowes. As regards the modern event, Fr Bruce Bradley, in The…read more

Lunch with Gordon D’Arcy

18th April 2016

On Saturday April 9th a crowd of some 250 gathered in the Marker Hotel in Dublin for an event organised by the Clongowes Foundation to pay tribute to Old Clongownian Gordon D’Arcy (OC’98) and raise some money for the Alberto Hurtado Bursary Fund… When the hard-pressed MC, Ambrose O’Sullivan (OC’78) eventually managed to get the…read more


15th April 2016

Last Wednesday, 13th April, the Parents’ Association arranged a talk for parents by a company called Bully4You represented on the night by Kevin Deering and Jim Harding. Bully4You is a not-for-profit organisation helping schools, parents and teenagers to understand the deep effects of bullying and cyber bullying in particular. With the advent of modern communications…read more

Grammar v Mount Sackville

12th April 2016

On Wednesday last, April 6th, an excited Grammar group hosted fellow third year students from Mount Sackville Secondary School in an annual social held in aid of Clongowes’ in house charity, the Duck Push… As 7pm approached the excitement was palpable in the dormitories; shoes were being hectically shone, ties squared perfectly over closed top…read more

Trad Group Session

7th April 2016

The Clongowes Trad group will be playing in Connolly’s of Ballagh on Tuesday April 12th from 7.30-9.30PM. This promises to be a great night of music and song and provides an opportunity to say thank you and farewell to our two sixth year students who have given such great service over the years. Directions to…read more

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