Open Day - Clongowes Wood College

Posted: 14th October 2016

Open Day

As the prospective pupils of Rhetoric 2022 arrived down the autumn clad avenue for their first taste of life in Clongowes Wood College on Saturday last (October 8th) one could sense the anticipation among the boys and indeed, the excitement among prospective parents, both accustomed and unaccustomed, to the school. For a number of those who joined us last Saturday the gleaming marble floors of the Serpentine Gallery and remarkable colours of the school concourse which greeted them upon their arrival were familiar – but the majority were getting their first taste of what might be their home away from home come September 2017.

Mr. Tony Egan, Third Line Prefect, welcomed the boys and their parents to the school for what would be an informative and fun-filled day for all. The school traditional music group, under the baton of Ms Catherine Heslin, kicked off proceedings with some jigs and reels. This was soon followed by the sweet tones of the school orchestra, led by Mr Philip Thomas, serenading the new arrivals. The orchestra performed contemporary hits such as Journey’s ‘Any Way You Want It’, in addition to pieces of classical music.

As the boys and their parents went their separate ways the energy and excitement in the air was palpable; a number had already made friends and were conversing in hushed, excited tones, taking in the numerous displays around the concourse and the curious ten foot duck perched on their route to the James Joyce library! Mr Adam Conry and Mr Cormac Rochford entertained the boys with various puzzles and brain teasers, the most memorable of which – according to one young man – was the ‘Who wants to be a Clongownian?’ challenge staged in the format of the famous gameshow.

Parents were whisked away to the Boys’ Chapel where the Headmaster, Mr Christopher Lumb spoke of the six year journey of partnership that they would soon embark on. School Captain, Conor Galvin, Vice-Captain, Sean McCrohan, and Secretary, Colin Bourke spoke about the positive experiences they have had amongst the Clongowes community – from their initial nerves as Elements pupils, which soon dissipated as life long friendships formed, to their rollercoaster relationship with the oval ball so closely associated with the purple and white jersey. They spoke of the invaluable experience of the many social projects in Syntax and the numerous achievements and experiences in between, as they continue on their formative path as ‘men for others’.

The parents then embarked on a tour of the school led by the prefecting team, aided and abetted by a selection of Rudiments pupils who provided them with an insider’s view of life in the school. Indeed, it was felt that the accompanying prefects might have picked up a few tricks from their young assistants! A number of parents commented on the the maturity and confidence with which the boys conducted themselves for the duration of the tours and they deserve particular praise for their contribution to a very successful afternoon.

Nourishment and sustenance was well in order after a busy morning period as both parents and their sons headed to the school refectory for a delicious lunch provided by Ms Ann Cooke and her team in the catering department. Soon after, parents departed and the boys themselves got an opportunity to view the facilities they may be soon enjoying in the not so distant future as a hectic afternoon of soccer, tip rugby and basketball awaited them in addition to a tour of the school led by Mr William O’Sullivan and Mr Steven Gray.

As Open Day 2016 drew to its conclusion and normal service resumed with the current crop of Clongownians preparing for evening study, the boys and their parents departed after a day filled with energy that permeated the school to itss very core. A word of thanks to all involved, both staff and students, who made the day such a resounding success.

Mr Garry Corcoran (Grammar Prefect)

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