Paddle Your Own

20th May 2017

The Liffey Descent The ancient and noble sport of canoeing has recently been rekindled in Clongowes Wood College, which had a fine record in the sport was in the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s. We had many years of friendly rivalry with The King’s Hospital, another stronghold of paddling and both Schools completed for the…read more

In the Mountain Kingdom

18th May 2017

People become people through other people On April 1st 25 pilgrims from Clongowes Wood College set out on this year’s African Immersion Experience to Malealea, Lesotho. Having had a hiatus for the past three years, the return of the trip was widely anticipated by all travelling – both staff and student alike. The Poetry boys…read more

The Auld Triangle 2017

16th May 2017

The origins of racing ‘The Triangle’ in Clongowes, while hardly lost in the mists of time, are certainly unclear. It is such an obvious course that it is likely that boys ran and raced it as long as boys have run and raced in Clongowes. As regards the modern event, Fr Bruce Bradley, in The…read more

A Day For Rejoicing

14th May 2017

Blessed John Sullivan SJ beatified The first ever beatification in Ireland – that of Fr John Sullivan SJ – took place at 11.00 on Saturday, 13th May, 2017 in Gardiner Street Church, and it was a truly joyful and moving occasion. The principal celebrant and homilist was Cardinal Angelo Amato, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes…read more

Cricket Tour

12th May 2017

On the May Bank Holiday Weekend a group of cricketers from Clongowes accompanied by Fr. Michael Sheil SJ, Tom Carroll, Joe Flannery and Niall Black journeyed to Mount St. Mary’s School, Spinkhill, Derbyshire to play two matches. This was a mixed aged group team from first year to transition year. The boys settled in on…read more

Beatification Live

12th May 2017

Unprecedented Ecumenical Gesture Fr John Sullivan SJ will be beatified at 11.00 on 13th May, 2017 in St Francis Xavier Church, Gardiner Street and the event will be live-streamed on In an unprecedented ecumenical gesture, the request for beatification, which takes place during the Mass, will be made by the Church of Ireland and the…read more

Pig Push

10th May 2017

Ducks can fly, but pigs…? The Clongowes Duck has migrated and mutated into a pig in New South Wales (NSW), courtesy of Richard Fleming (OC’06) and Justin Fleming (no relation), who visited Clongowes in 2004 as a GAP Exchange student. Richard (on the right) and Justin (on the left) decided to apply the successful Clongowes Duck…read more

Clongowes Wood College Open Day

9th May 2017

The Clongowes Wood College Open Day for First Year boys wishing to join in September 2018 takes place on Saturday May 20th. If you are interested in learning more about what makes Clongowes such a special place please contact our Admissions Office on +353 (0)45 838 258 or email Places at the Open Day…read more

Different Approaches

8th May 2017

Last Tuesday, 2nd May, Physics students from Poetry travelled to the University of Limerick with Mr Stephen O’Hara to make their final presentations for the Mathematical Modelling project. This project, which is the only one of its kind in the country, is run by James Gleeson, Professor of Industrial and Applied Mathematics at UL and…read more

Chateau de Clongowes

6th May 2017

Clongowes Wine 2017 As part of their fund raising activities for the Duck Push this year three boys in Syntax decided to provide past pupils and parents with a set of good quality European wines with a label, which reflected the history of the College and at a competitive price. Mark Galvin, Ross McGoey and…read more

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