May, 2020 - Clongowes Wood College

Passing on the Baton

27th May 2020

Did you ever come across a group of people looking at the sky and wonder what was up there? Did you perhaps go gazing skywards yourself?  And what if someone asked you what are you doing? His questions, you might now be saying to yourself, are getting stranger and stranger by the week! Well –…read article

English Essay Medal Winners

25th May 2020

The Medal Essay competition each year opens a window on the creative writing talent of our students. Some are soaring at great heights, brave in their expression, offering perspectives and insight with a maturity of thought and sensitivity of mind. Others have gathered the courage to begin their flight, have just taken off and hopefully…read article


25th May 2020

We’re asking you to ‘Click-4-Crumlin‘ to help our TY students raise money for a covid-19 testing machine for sick children in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin. Due to the current restrictions, the annual Duck Push in its traditional form, unfortunately, cannot take place. Undeterred, our TY students have come together to launch an online Duck…read article

Staff Video – See You Soon!

20th May 2020

We’re all looking forward to the school re-opening and to seeing the boys back at Clongowes! The staff came together to make a short video – we hope you enjoy it.  

My Braveheart Tree!

20th May 2020

In my 3rd motu proprio at the end of March I asked if anyone had a favourite tree – and received a great and varied response – with many reasons for the relationship. If you thought that my question was strange then – try this one now: Do you have a Braveheart Tree ?! I…read article

Be Glad to be Sad!

13th May 2020

Last Friday, the well-leaked news that this year’s Leaving Cert. was to be cancelled made it a unique day in the annals of the DES – and in the life of Rhetoric’20. Amid all the media frenzy and the rumours – a final (?!) and definitive (?!) Plan C brought to an end the agony…read article

Battle of the Books – 3 Schools, 1 Book

6th May 2020

What wins???  YOU decide!! The librarians of Belvedere College SJ., Clongowes Wood College SJ, and Gonzaga  College SJ, invite our students, parents, staff and alumni to choose our inaugural ‘3 Schools,1 Book‘ summer holiday read. Look at the shortlist (see below), choose your favourite option as a summer 2020 read, cast your vote and if…read article

‘The Full Story’ Writing Competition

5th May 2020

In a wonderful initiative between three Jesuit schools, we are excited to be part of ‘The Full Story’ writing competition which takes place this month. We are teaming up with Belevedere College SJ and Gonzaga College SJ to showcase the wealth of creativity and talent amongst the students in all three colleges. Award-winning author, Dave…read article

They’re Closing the Churches!

5th May 2020

It is just over 50 days since the anti-covid-19 strategy brought about the closure of places of gathering. After the initial shock, people began to improvise – and everywhere there was surprise at how well this was succeeding. There was joy at values, for so long forgotten [or taken for granted] – were now coming…read article

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