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Posted: 6th May 2020

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What wins???  YOU decide!!

The librarians of Belvedere College SJ., Clongowes Wood College SJ, and Gonzaga  College SJ, invite our students, parents, staff and alumni to choose our inaugural ‘3 Schools,1 Book‘ summer holiday read.

Look at the shortlist (see below), choose your favourite option as a summer 2020 read, cast your vote and if you like make a pitch on Instagram or Twitter (#3schools1book) that will convince us to vote en masse for that particular book.

Make your choice

Your choice may be because you’ve read it and feel that others will enjoy it, or because you like the author, or because it sounds like a great plot, or explores an interesting subject worthy of discussion. Cast your vote

You can start voting now for one of the books that are literally vying for your choice on our voting link.

Make a pitch

Convince others to vote for your choice using a simple text post on Instagram or Twitter (#3schools1book), expressing why you think it’s the best option, or go all out and record a short audio or video clip, individually or as a group with friends and/or family, if you feel like being extra-persuasive!  No matter what, choose your pitching style and make your case.

Voting will close at 5pm SHARP on Friday the15th of May and we’ll announce the winner soon afterwards.

Contact your school librarian ( or on Twitter @JJLibraryCWC) if you’d like further details.

So go on, get involved, have your say. Get pitching, get creative and……. let the battle commence!

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