Old Clongownians to the fore in Wicklow Hospice Foundation

27th November 2013

Jonathan White (OC1986) writes to tell us how he joined two other Old Clongownians, Brendan Cuddihy (OC 1975 – second from right above) and Eugene Murray (OC1968) to help the cause of the Wicklow Hospice Foundation… “During the late Summer of 2009, while driving between meetings with the car radio on, I tuned in to…read more

Remembering Captain Bertie…

26th November 2013

The hearts of many an Officer, Gentleman, Baggage handler and Villain would have been gladdened yesterday afternoon (Monday 25th, November) when, following an initiative by Mr Frank Kelly, a floor of the Rhetoric block was dedicated to the memory of their erstwhile Captain, the late Fr Joe Brereton S.J., who passed away last year. Addressing…read more

The success of the long distance runners

25th November 2013

Congratulations to the Clongowes Junior Cross Country team of Daniel Reilly, Greg Reilly, Harry Arkwright and Douglas Oman (pictured above, standing) on winning the Kildare County Cross Country title held in Newbridge College in October. Congratulations also to the Minor team of Stephen McAleese, David Gannon, Nickolas Kennedy and Gavin Larkin, who secured silver (above, kneeling). Individual medalists…read more

Mathematical Modelling in Clongowes

22nd November 2013

Clongowes physics students are once again involved in research projects with the University of Limerick and the science department was delighted to welcome Professor James Gleeson to launch this year’s Mathematical Modelling project on Friday 8th November… The department has linked up with the Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry to develop mathematical models…read more

The smell of the greasepaint, the roar of the crowd

21st November 2013

Last night we had the privilege of attending the opening night of the Irish premiere of The Last Confession by Roger Crane, presented by the Rhetoric Players, under the direction of Mr Tom Carroll. A fuller and more reflective review will appear on this site later from the pen of local boy made good (Goodman…read more

Duck Push helping kids

20th November 2013

2012-13 saw the Clongowes Duck Push marking its twentieth birthday and we managed to give it a perfect celebration with another successful push in aid of Our Ladies Children’s Hospital Crumlin. Earlier this month a delegation of boys from last year’s push visited the hospital where Jack Gillespie presented a cheque for €73,000 to Dr…read more

Grammar in the National Concert Hall

19th November 2013

Ten boys from Grammar attended a concert in the National Concert Hall on Monday 21st Oct to hear a live performance of their set works for Junior Cert. Rian McKeagney sent this report… The day dawned bright but dull, with clouds that promised rain. It was a typical Monday for all students except for eleven…read more

“November Remembrance” Tree

18th November 2013

You may have noticed a little addition to the concourse recently. It is indeed a tree but you will be happy to know NOT a Christmas tree (not just yet!). As the sign indicates, it is a “November Remembrance” Tree. Following on from All Souls day which, we celebrated on November 2nd, traditionally we have…read more

Love, Hate and Clongowes

16th November 2013

Love/Hate has a bit of a Marmite taste it would seem. Some would rather watch the Antiques Roadshow but 1.3million others have been glued to RTE every Sunday over the past six weeks. Whatever your views might be, it is undeniable that the antics of Nidge, Fran, Elmo et al. have superseded Chelsea’s recent woes…read more

The Camino will provide

15th November 2013

Over the course of the recent mid-term break the Headmaster, Fr Moloney, and some companions commenced the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. On ‘the way’ he was reminded, in quite a practical manner, of how the Camino and the Lord, will always provide… I will never forget the Spanish village of Uterga. I arrived there…read more

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