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Posted: 27th March 2014


The start of January saw the arrival of the latest batch of GAP students from a land down under. Mr Tony Egan was swift to ensure that they were warmly welcomed by the college community and they have settled in quickly. We asked the college photographer, Mr David Nelson to provide a snapshot to accompany their own pen portraits. Make sure that you say hello when you meet them on the corridors…

Ted Williams (on the right above) is from Drummoyne, Sydney and a graduate of St Joseph’s College. Back home he enjoys surf lifesaving and waterpolo, however the Irish weather has not allowed him to pursue either. Ted is coaching Senior Panel 3 rugby and enjoying the challenge it brings.

Tom Mencinsky (beside Ted) is from Paddington, Sydney, and also attended St Joseph’s College. He started as a dayboy but in Year 10 became a weekly border and ‘never looked back because it was one of the best experiences of my life’. Ted played rugby, cricket and athletics at school and became involved in as many areas of college life as he could. He has been assigned to Third Year and is assisting in the coaching of Senior Panel 2.

Nick Kuhne, (on the left) like Ted is from Drummoyne, Sydney and also a graduate of Joey’s. In Australia he mainly played AFL, and competed in long distance athletics. Nick represented his school in Opens 800 championship and under 17s championship races, and got podium places in both. He is a big football fan and, like Fr Moloney, supports Liverpool FC in the English Premier League. At Clongowes Nick will be coaching football, and athletics in the off season.

Jack Fleming (second from left) graduated from St. Ignatius College, Riverview in 2013 having started in 2006. Over his time at the college Jack played a variety of sports including cricket, rugby, tennis, and AFL. He was a House Vice-Captain at the college, participated in a variety of extra-curricular activities and his passions include travelling and cricket.

Angus Higgins, (centre) like Jack was a student in Saint Ignatius College, Riverview. Something of a musician Angus was a member of both the Senior Stage Band and the Tour Jazz Band. His other passions include rugby, athletics, surf lifesaving and drama.

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