Fine Art Exhibition – May 2015

20th May 2015

The Fine Art Exhibition is now showing in the Concourse at Clongowes and will continue until 5.30pm Union Day Sunday 24th May 2015. This is a Group Exhibition of professional and amateur artists, all with a connection to Clongowes together with present and past students. As usual, there is an eclectic array of subject matter…read more

New Headmaster

20th May 2015

Shortly after lunch today, Tuesday 19th May, the Headmaster, Fr Moloney gathered the staff to announce the new Headmaster, Mr Chris Lumb, who will take up office in mid-August… Chris, who was selected as the first lay Headmaster at Clongowes following a rigorous selection process lasting several months, has much experience as Headmaster in boarding…read more

A Game of Thrones

18th May 2015

In legend, Chess was invented by Lugh, God of Light and Inspiration, and was played skillfully by his son, the hero Cúchulainn. Recently the Third Line had the chance to emulate these heroes and prove their own mettle as they were forged in the heat of the war games re-enacted in the college… St. Kevin’s School…read more

Swing Voters

15th May 2015

Students and staff in Clongowes are well used to Mock Exams but last week they were surprised by the presence of a polling station on the Ref’ corridor complete with returning officers and a polling booth as Ms. Dooley’s second year C.S.P.E class took the temperature of the college to see what way the wind…read more

Staff v Students Soccer

13th May 2015

Last Thursday the annual Staff v Students Soccer match for the Brendan Cullen Perpetual Trophy took place with the masters finally taming the pupils in a tense penalty shoot-out. Our doughty sports reporter (and now it seems, poet), Richard the Rhymer lost the run of himself altogether and submitted this – well – report, we…read more

If walls could talk

11th May 2015

‘The Serpentine Speaks’ was conceived by Tom Carroll and co-written with Ms. Jane O’Loughlin and Ms. Ger Dillon. The play, co-directed by Tom, Ger, Jane and GAP Student, Mr. Paddy Sunderland, marked the welcome return of Third Line drama to the Clongowes calendar. This is a cleverly-conceived play that celebrates the history of Clongowes and its most…read more

Beckett-Joyce Award

9th May 2015

This year’s Beckett-Joyce Award ceremony proved to be an historic occasion in more ways than one. Now in its twenty seventh year, the competition and the occasion have become a wonderful shared experience for both Clongowes Wood College and Portora Royal School, Enniskillen. This year’s ceremony, held in the Community Library in Clongowes on Tuesday…read more

The Beautiful Game

7th May 2015

While soccer is something of a Cinderella sport in Clongowes by comparison with its big sisters Senior Rugby and Junior Rugby, it was not always thus and the game, introduced to the school by the newly arrived Tullabeggars in 1886, enjoyed a golden age for some twenty years before it was overtaken by ‘the Rugby…read more

Higher Line Gold Medal Debate

6th May 2015

Higher Line Gold Medal Debate It has been almost one hundred and seventy eight years since Daniel O’Connell established the Clongowes Debating Society, which has grown to become an integral part of a Clongowes education. Debating is now held as a core activity for many of the boys throughout the school, with every student being…read more

The Old Triangle

5th May 2015

The origins of racing ‘The Triangle’ in Clongowes, while hardly lost in the mists of time, are certainly unclear. It is such an obvious course that it is likely that boys ran and possibly raced it as long as boys have run and raced in Clongowes. As regards the modern event, Fr Bruce Bradley, in…read more

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