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Posted: 9th November 2015

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Chess Challenge

While Woody Allen may have quipped that he failed to make the chess team because of his height, the same may not be said of the intellectual giants from Elements and Rudiments who took on the might of St. Kevin’s College, Crumlin last month and acquitted themselves with no little distinction…

St. Kevin’s College, Crumlin, who visited Clongowes last May, hosted the return chess match in their impressive library just before the mid-term break. Twelve eight-minute matches were played over a three-hour period, interrupted by refreshments and pizzas. With 144 keenly fought matches (plus a final), it was pleasing that impeccable sportsmanship and good manners prevailed throughout.

At the conclusion, the leading player from each school played out a gladiatorial finale, which was won by Julian Jiminez Ospina. Afterwards, the twenty-three boys and one girl gathered together for a group photograph, which caused more disputes than any of the matches. Our boys were still buzzing when they returned to the school, eager for further competitive fixtures.

Many thanks to Mr Neil Kettles from St. Kevin’s for organising the draw, the commemorative score sheets, the medals – and the pizzas! More pictures here.

Elements Team

Niall McGeady                        (11/12)

Matthew Cassidy                     (10/12)

Bryan Houlihan                       (8.5/12)

Aaron Manion                        (8/12)

Louis Murray                          (8.5/12)

George Zhuchkov                    (7/12)


Rudiments Team

Julian Jiminez Ospina             (13/13)

Mikey Mina Ronayne             (11/12)

John McLoughlin                    (11/12)

Adam Quinn                            (10/12)

Tristan Snijders                       (10/12)

Daniel Moon                           (7.5/12)

Mr Martin Wallace

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