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Posted: 9th February 2018

Passion and Death in the Sports Hall

The Rector Fr Michael Sheil SJ and the Headmaster Mr Chris Lumb extend a warm invitation to you to join the Clongowes community in our annual Easter liturgy of Tenebrae, which will take place on Wednesday evening, March 21st at 21.15 in the Sports Hall.

The hour long liturgy is a semi-dramatised re-telling of The Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus through extensive use of film, music and contemporary reflections which aim to bring the Passion narrative afresh to the students and parents in a vivid and multi-sensory presentation.

Tenebrae (Latin for shadows or darkness) is an ancient Christian liturgy of Holy Week dating back to the Middle Ages. The liturgy of Tenebrae is a prolonged meditation on Christ’s suffering in the days leading up to and including his Crucifixion. Music portrays his pathos and the power of silence and darkness suggest the drama of those days. We warmly invite all parents who can, to join us for this unique liturgy, which is our Clongowes ‘mini Paschal Triduum’ before we break for the Easter holidays. (See here for more)

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