Open Day - Clongowes Wood College

Posted: 6th October 2014

With the new Elements class barely through the first pages of their copybooks, Clongowes is preparing to welcome potential members of the Rhetoric (6th Year) Class of 2021. It will be a memorable and exciting day for both parents and sons alike as they first lay eyes on the faces that will accompany them for much of the rest of their lives.

While brochures and the Internet are undoubtedly useful tools in providing an insight into life here, the buzz that will permeate through the concourse as the boys arrive can never be captured in pictures or words.

As well as the chance to meet with the personalities of Clongowes, the boys will also have an opportunity to avail of the school’s facilities for the afternoon. With 11 rugby pitches (including an impressive all-weather site) a state-of-the-art Sports Hall and the imminent construction of a 25m swimming pool, the boys will have ample opportunity to expend their boundless energy.

Mr Tony Egan and Mr Barry Bowen will be on hand to welcome their prospective new charges and – together with a team of Third-Liners (1st and 2nd years) – they will ensure that the boys experience the Clongowes community spirit of which they hope to soon be part.

Should you wish to attend our Open Day please contact Ms. Imelda Goulding at We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Mr Richard McElwee

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