Storytelling Evening - Clongowes Wood College

Posted: 16th April 2013

On Wed April 10th storyteller Niall de Burca returned to the school to entertain the Third Line. The event took place in the Higher Line Rec Room where we drew the curtains on the evening light and huddled forward towards de Burca’s enchanting voice. For many present it was their first time to fall under the spell of the oral tradition. There is a magic to the intimacy de Burca forms with his audience, his voice and body adapting to different characters, from the jaunty cheeky Dublin youth to the looming keening Banshee that swings the audience from comfort and fun to unease and fear within seconds. De Burca is a master at his art and we are privileged and grateful to experience this now rare form of entertainment.

Categories: Clongowes Stories
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