Storyteller Niall de Burca! | Clongowes Wood College in Dublin

Posted: 23rd October 2022

Niall De Burca

Renowned storyteller Niall de Burca captivated, thrilled and scared our Third Line students on Thursday evening, Oct 21st.  In Room 3 drawn curtains and muted lighting, with low level spotlights, set the atmosphere. But it was De Burca’s sonorous voice and hypnotic presence that transported the boys from Clongowes to the realms of other worlds, where humour gradually gave way to thwarted humans and frightening creatures.

Students were effusive in their feedback of this superb entertainer whose only prop was a kalimba (thumb piano). Here’s a sample of what the boys had to say on Friday morning.


‘Thrilling experience – a deep dive into the imagination.’ (Charlie Ryan)

‘Atmospheric. The story played out in your mind.’ (Kye Lacey)

‘Scary in a good way and naturally gifted in his talent.’ (Callum Ghee)

‘Scary because he created such vivid images.’ (Harry Reams)

‘Captivating. He transported you into the story.’ (Hugo McHugh)

‘Enjoyable – just to be able to sit back and listen. Relaxing, a great break from study. ‘(Michael Kelly)

‘The atmosphere was great. He performed the stories in an incredible way, and he read the crowd well too.’ (Pharrell Evenor)

‘Professional, very skilled, used his voice in particular ways and the rainmaker device.’ (Ross Harte)

‘He got me twice’ –  meaning he made me jump with fright twice, was reported by one student to his English teacher Mr Heslin.

Such appreciation for Niall de Burca’s rare talent, from today’s digital generation, is praise indeed.

Our thanks to Niall for sharing his talents with our students and to Ms O’Loughlin, School Librarian, for organising the event.

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