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Posted: 10th May 2021

pots of orange marmalade

Gees Jams now available from the Duck Push Shop


While in lockdown in Malta I was thinking about how we might raise funds for this year’s Duck Push Project. 


My Dad enjoys producing award-winning artisanal jams and marmalades, using only the freshest, local produce so you might say that the answer was under my nose. With help from Gee’s Jams, we decided to make up a great marmalade for Clongowes’  kids helping kids’  or even Old Clongownians helping kids! There‘s no better reason to do something than when it’s to fundraise for a charity like The Duck Push.


My goal was to create over 1300 jars presented in smart boxes of 3.


All of the money generated from these products will go towards the Duck Push campaign. 



It’s been great as a Syntax / TY student to have participated in providing support to a charitable project like the Duck Push. The amount of effort and planning and preparation that’s gone into both TY and activities such as this DP project has really proved to be fun and enduring. My involvement in the Duck Push has proved to be insightful and worthy of my time. I’m grateful for the opportunity I was presented with.


Each jar of tasty, fruity, zesty marmalade comes in a unique purple and white packaging using the Duck Push logo and the Clongowes coat of arms. We’ve added the phrase ‘made for kids helping kids’ as everyone loves it on toast or on a fresh piece of bread. It’s orange marmalade and reminds me of Malta. 


We decided to package the jars in threes to make a wonderful handy gift which is different and a nice surprise for whoever receives it.  


We hope you like it as much as we do! 


George Strickland

Syntax / Transition Year

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