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Posted: 11th November 2019

Clongowes is delighted to announce that we are now a registered Droichead School which means that our newly qualified teachers are welcomed into a supportive and structured environment. Droichead (meaning ‘bridge’ in Irish) is an integrated professional framework for newly qualified teachers (NQTs) with the main objective of ensuring that teachers are provided with the necessary support and guidance as they embark on both their teaching career and lifelong learning journey. This can range from workshops and training to a more informal chat about classroom etiquette.

Professional Support Team 

Each NQT is supported by a Professional Support Team, which consists of three experienced teachers, and the Headmaster. Clongowes Professional Support Team (PST) underwent an intensive four-day training course to ensure they are suitably qualified to mentor NQTs through the Droichead process. Three of our teachers (pictured above) recently completed the training; Dr Amélie Ghesquiere, Ms Yvonne Nolan and Ms Caitriona Mac Neaney all of whom will work collaboratively with the Headmaster to support the NQTs smooth transition into both the school and the teaching profession. They support learning and development with both school-based and additional professional learning activities to build a solid foundation on which teaching practices can be built. Together, they help guide the NQT through the induction process allowing a smoother transition for all involved.

All NQTs must continue with their learning by engaging in additional learning activities which suit their individual teaching needs. Activities may include participation in an NIPT (The National Induction Programme for Teachers) workshop, enrolling in an online learning course, attending a conference and any other activities that the PST deem necessary. In addition to this, they must attend one cluster meeting per term for the duration of their Droichead process. The Cluster day is part of the continuing professional development of all teachers. Many workshops are held throughout the day covering the whole remit of subjects involved in the junior cycle i.e. Geography, Maths, English.

A Beneficial Approach to Learning

Many schools are praising Droichead for its whole-school approach to learning and teaching which benefits not only the newly qualified teachers but also the rest of the teaching staff who can themselves learn from the process.

Clongowes is very proud to be a Droichead school and believe that this will have a very positive impact on our NQTs growth and learning whilst ensuring we, as a school, are up to date with all current developments in teaching practices.

For more information, please visit the NIPT website: www.teacherinduction.ie




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