Duck Push Presentation | Clongowes Wood College

Posted: 15th October 2019

On Thursday 10th October, a group of boys from Poetry presented a cheque for €56,000, proceeds from the 2019 Duck Push, to medical staff and members of the fundraising team at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin. The equipment is of critical importance in the Hospital’s Radiology Department wherein the region of 8,000 examinations are performed on sick children from all over Ireland. Ultrasound machines are used to diagnose serious, and sometimes fatal, conditions such as Hydrocephalus, Obstructed Kidneys, Appendicitis, Lymphoma and many other childhood Cancers. This funding will no doubt change, and even save, the lives of many children who will benefit from the new equipment purchased as a result of the boys’ immense efforts as part of the Clongowes Duck Push 2019.


The cheque represents the enthusiasm, sheer determination and dedication of Syntax 2019 who, along with Mr Gray, organised and coordinated the many fundraising events and mini companies throughout the past academic year.  The Duck Push culminated in a 265km journey from Dublin to Limerick whilst pushing a 3-metre-high, yellow duck. The route took them through various towns and villages where locals kindly donated to the worthy cause. The mini-companies and events organised to raise funds include the Clongowes 5K, the Annual Golf Classic, Bake Sales, Christmas cards and many more.



Our thanks to parents, teachers, prefects, fellow students, families and all those who contributed to Duck Push 2019 and have enabled the purchase of the new ultrasound machine. As the 27th year of the Duck Push has begun for the current Syntax year group we remind ourselves that this project embodies our Jesuit ethos of becoming a “Man for Others”, a mindset so actively embraced by our students and the wider college community.

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