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Posted: 22nd April 2017

Taizé Pilgrimage

Following a gap of two years the Clongowes Easter pilgrimage to Taizé in France resumed this spring during Holy Week. Once again it proved to be a time and place where eight students from Poetry took the opportunity to deepen their faith and live a life of simplicity, prayer and community along with some 5,000 other young people from all over Europe.

Mr Tom Carroll and Mr Adam Conry, along with GAP student William Hartwig, accompanied the boys to the small village in Burgundy for a week of simple living, prayer and sharing. The prayer services in Taizé are beautifully simple, meaningful, and captivating as the entire church sings and prays three times each day. Taizé is a place of trust – a pilgrimage of trust on earth, enabling young people to live and express their faith in common. Not an easy task, but one that everyone who travelled tried to live as best they can.

Quite often on the pilgrimage the boys commented on the peace and serenity of the place, the simple living and the openness of other pilgrims. We hope and pray that this spirit of openness continues to enrich our lives at Clongowes. Our thanks go to the Brothers of Taizé who continue to follow the example of Br Roger and live out the gospel in prayer, music and simple living. It’s a wonderful week – full of fun, chat and relaxation and long may it stay so.

Mr Tom Carroll

Pictured above are Cormac Watson, Cameron McCarthy, David Broe, Luke MacQuillan, Matthew Leonard, Colm Murphy (standing) Eoin Hegarty David Morrin and Alex Nulty with GAP student Will Hartwig.

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