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Posted: 27th March 2017

This coming Thursday and Friday (30th and 31st March) at 19.00, Third Line and Syntax take to the stage with their dramatic offerings as Clongowes witnesses the long awaited return of its very own Festival of Drama…

Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations

Ernie’s incredible imagination is alarming his parents and they go to the doctor in search of a cure. Once they’re there, they discover Ernie’s ‘illucinations’ are more powerful than they realized as everything that Ernie imagines – from secret agents to a boxing granny – has the disconcerting habit of turning into reality.

Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations by Alan Ayckbourn is brought kicking and screaming to the Clongowes stage by the talented and energetic thespians of the Third Line. Appropriately, the drama is a weird and wonderful journey into the imaginings of a young boy with an overactive imagination – a dreamer with a difference. The cast has been preparing for it under the guidance of Ms Jane O’Loughlin, and Mr William O’Sullivan and are all set to knock your socks off.

The Musicians

The Clongowes – oops – Ridley Road School Orchestra are at the European Festival of Youth in Moscow, just hours away from playing the most important performance of their lives. There is only one problem; their instruments seem to be missing! Tension mounts as the orchestra arrives at the concert hall, where the only person willing to help them is a Russian cleaner with a broom for a guitar and an interest in all things rock.

The Clongowes premiere of The Musicians brings together two exciting talents: writer (and Academy Award nominee) Patrick Marber and director Tom Carroll, fresh from his recent successes with Macbeth Unlimited and Conversations on a Homecoming (both 2016).

Can the orchestra overcome their differences and perform the concert of their lives? A lively and humorous production for anyone who has ever played air-trombone. (Any comparisons with the upcoming Clongowes Orchestra Trip are almost certainly coincidental – it says here…).

Both plays will be brought to the stage in Clongowes for two nights only on Thursday 30th and Friday 31st March at 19.00 in the Music Performing area.

The smell of the greasepaint, the roar of the crowd.

Be there or be square…

Declan O’Keeffe, Head of Communications

Pictured above in rehearsal for Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations are: Tommy Murphy (Elements), Aaron Mannion (Rudiments), Joshua Dunne (Elements), Santiago Norzagaray Aguilar (Elements) and Kieran Barrett (Rudiments)

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