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Posted: 30th September 2016

Comical Allies

Comic artist, Kev F Sutherland will make a return visit to Clongowes next Thursday (October 6th) to present a workshop to art students in Rudiments and Elements. Using his unique humour Kev will guide the students through the art of drawing and storytelling for comics. By the end of the session the boys will have created a class comic using drawings and stories from each individual and Kev will also gave each student a comic portrait of themselves.

Kev F. Sutherland is a Scottish comedian and comic strip creator. He has drawn for a variety of publications, including The Beano where he has been responsible (or not) for The Bash Street Kids, Dennis The Menace, Roger the Dodger and Minnie the Minx. He has produced several shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, including ‘The Sitcom Trials’ and ‘The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre’.

Previous projects in Clongowes have included a well known low-cost airline deciding to cook food over an open fire onboard to save money and the cult classic Happy Rabbit Death Arena (take a bow Rhetoric 2016 – pictured here in their youth).

More to follow next week…

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