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Posted: 5th May 2015

The origins of racing ‘The Triangle’ in Clongowes, while hardly lost in the mists of time, are certainly unclear. It is such an obvious course that it is likely that boys ran and possibly raced it as long as boys have run and raced in Clongowes. As regards the modern event, Fr Bruce Bradley, in The Clongownian 1994, points out that ‘an idea mooted by Fr Liam O’Connell during his headmastership was brought to fruition [this year] by Mr Brian O’Keeffe: races round the “triangle” of front and back avenues for all-comers within each line.’

Whatever about the history of the event there is no doubt that a little piece of history was created here in Clongowes last week (Monday, April 27th), when the redoubtable Jack O’Leary (above on the left, with his eyes on the prize) added the Higher Line record to his previous Third and Lower Line achievements, thereby claiming a Full House as well as the all time fastest record.

Congratulations to the other category winners, to Ben Quinn, who set a new Gappie Record and to all who took part in a very enjoyable event. Many thanks to all the staff members, who made themselves available on the night to ensure the success of what has become a notable event in the ongoing history of Clongowes.


Third Line (Record Jack O’Leary 2012 – 7.17.40)

1st Stephen McAleese 8.09.01

2nd John Maher 8.26.22

3rd Robbie Savage 8.29.08

Lower Line (Record Jack O’Leary 2013 – 6.54.00

1st Christian Casey 7.39.01

2nd Dan Reilly 7.42.36

3rd Jack Gilheany 7.44.16

Higher Line (Record Paddy Mullins 2008 7.14.40)

1st Jack O’Leary 6.38.40 (New Record)

2nd Ben Quinn 7.37.41 (New Gappie Record!)

3rd Mark O’Connor 8.19.12

Mr Pat Kenny and Mr Declan O’Keeffe

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