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Posted: 16th March 2015

Portora return to Clongowes

Once again Clongowes hosted our friends and colleagues from the Royal School, Portora, Enniskillen for an overnight return visit to Kildare. It’s always like welcoming friends over to stay, and that’s been the nature of the relationship between both schools since 1979 who have stood side by side in good times and in darker days. Thankfully we now share in happier days where creed and code no longer hold back the embrace of friendship.

It’s the type of friendship, which enables Rev Kenny Hall to preach at our Sunday Eucharist accompanied by Mons. Peter O’Reilly PP Enniskillen.

It’s the type of friendship that enables Ms Janet Goodall to stand up and lead our school in Morning Prayer as she reflected on our two traditions and deep-seated friendship.

It’s the type of friendship that sees our Poetry students give up their beds for the 17 Portora boys who come to stay.

It’s the type of friendship that sees the lads debate about fracking – not in any serious way – but in a way that sees them laugh and share a common joy.

It’s the type of friendship that sees them share a pizza and coke and then, after they depart, sees Clongowes boys wear the Portora shorts, while some Portora boys will wear the CWC colours training on the ‘hill’ overlooking the lakes of Fermanagh.

Why? Because friendships start that way. Nothing forced; it’s just natural. It is what it is.

Thank you to Portora for being the friend of Clongowes. It’s always a great bit of fun when you come, and we hope we never lose that in our friendship with Ms Janet Goodall, Ms Sally Rees, Rev. Kenny Hall and now our new friend Mons. Peter O’Reilly.

Welcome back to you all anytime…

More on the link between Clongowes and Portora here.

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