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Posted: 13th March 2015

New GAP Students in Clongowes

Patrick Sunderland, Tim McGrath, Edward Jude, Ben Quinn and Hamish Fuller (left to right above) arrived from the Australian heat to the inviting wind and rain of Ireland just after Christmas and have been quietly making their presence felt ever since. Mr Steven Gray (who has taken over the role from Mr Tony Egan) has ensured that the guys have settled well into their new surrounds and have been fully immersed into the world of Clongowes. As with their predecessors, they are working in the dorms alongside the prefects and also helping in tutoring and coaching roles.

All of the new Gappies hail from New South Wales and come from three Catholic schools in Sydney: St. Ignatius’ College (Riverview), St. Joseph’s College and Saint Aloysius’ College. All five are enjoying their time at Clongowes and are very grateful for the school’s hospitality from staff and students alike. Throughout the year the Gappies will be taking advantage of their holiday periods to travel around Europe, as it is much easier to do so from Ireland than Australia.

Edward Jude is a country boarder from Wagga Wagga in New South Wales. In Australia he played Rugby and Tennis and is enjoying a coaching role in those two sports at Clongowes. Edward is assisting in the fourth year dorm and in the Drama department. His passions include travel, music and he plans to study Law next year in Queensland.

Hamish Fuller, also a graduate from Riverview, was a country boarder from Singleton. He is a passionate rugby player at flanker and also swam for the school and played water polo. Hamish is assisting coaching Senior Panel II rugby and has been assigned to second year.

Timothy McGrath from Longueville, Sydney is a graduate of St. Joseph’s College. He began his schooling life as a dayboy but switched to boarding in year eight. Tim is a keen rugby player and also rowed whilst at Joey’s gaining a podium finish in the Head of the River.

Benjamin Quinn hails from Hunters Hill, Sydney, where he was a weekly boarder at St. Joseph’s College. Whilst at school in Sydney, Benjamin played rugby, athletics, cross-country and rowing. This year he has been assigned to third year at Clongowes.

Patrick Sunderland from Lane Cove, Sydney, is a graduate of St Aloysius’ College in Milson’s Point. Patrick has much experience in drama and music, specifically choral singing, and will be helping at Clongowes in those capacities, as well as assisting with administration. Having many years of experience playing soccer, Patrick will also help out with coaching and training. Patrick hopes to study International and Global studies next year at Sydney University.

Going back to a land down under

December 2014 saw the departure of our previous five GAP students [‘gappies’] Jack Fleming, Angus Higgins, Nick Kuhne, Tomas Mencinsky and Ted Williams. These five young men contributed much to Clongowes over the last year and before they left Angus addressed the school about their time in Clongowes and what it meant to them…

Father Moloney, Martin Wallace, Frank Kelly, teachers, prefects, and last but definitely not least boys. I’d like to take this opportunity on behalf of myself and the other gaps, to thank you so much for this last year. Clongowes is an amazing school and to have spent a year here is undoubtedly something none of us will fail to remember. Looking back over this last year there’s a few moments we’ll never forget, whether that be the thrilling Senior Cup final or our first official meeting with Father Moloney, in which along with being very impressed by Leonard’s caring and thoughtful manner, we were able to meet Trampas, who was apparently quite infatuated by a giant stuffed bear that was sitting in his office.

We will always remember the kind and caring attitude of Liam Maher aka ‘the chief’ along with Ann Cooke and the rest of the kitchen staff. Thanks also to Imelda Goulding, whose constant support for us throughout this year has been above and beyond anything we could have asked for. Frank Kelly, whilst we still feel a slight shiver of fear whenever we are called to your office, as many of you boys and even teachers would understand, you have always had our best interests at heart, and have been a support to us when we’ve needed it. Father Moloney, Martin Wallace you both lead the school excellently and we are thankful to all you have done for us.

Now I turn to our direct bosses Firstly to Tony Egan: thank you so much Tony for making settling in at Clongowes so easy and being such a support to us throughout the year; we could not have asked for a more reassuring presence. Secondly to Steven Grey, who despite only just taking on the GAP programme has taken a keen interest in us all and lent a caring hand whenever needed. It has been an honour to work with both of you.

Finally to the boys: you’re what makes this year great, despite the torture you put us through! Getting to know so many of you lads has been a privilege, and I know we all look forward to seeing the men you become in the future. Hopefully you’ve all got enough gear off us to become at least partially Australian. To all of you and any that we may have forgotten thank you so much for everything. You’ve given us an amazing year and an experience to last a lifetime.

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