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Posted: 9th December 2014

If, as Forrest Gump suggested, life is like a box of chocolates, then Sunday’s Christmas Concert in the Boys’ Chapel was a smorgasbord of magical auditory delights (Click on the purple texts below for some highlights). Compacted into a two-hour feast, we were treated to glorious voices, such as the memorable solo performance by Hugo O’Donnell and the collective splendour of the Senior and Elements Choirs.  Trumpets and ragtime, flute and piano provided tasty fillings before Ms. Catherine Heslin’s trad group brought the first half to a close with some lively jigs and reels.

The orchestra was interrupted at the beginning of the second half by a rumbustious, rowdy interloper pretending to be Santa Claus – at least, I think he was pretending – before delighting the crowd with Fr. Moloney’s favourite piece of music, Downton Abbey (or was it Downturn Abbey?).

It was a difficult task to follow the orchestra, but magnificent performances from Cathal Duffy (with his own composition ‘Unforgotten‘) Mark Thomas (‘Perpetuum Mobile’), Dan O’Leary and the extraordinary Matthew Gibbons left the audience breathless. The contribution of Rhetoric to the concert was particularly impressive, not least Conor Breslin’s beautifully performed Flute Sonata by Handel.

The beautiful sounds of the Senior Choir, led by Ms. Liz Keighary and featuring Gareth Campbell, Eoghan McLoughlin and Aaron Clarke as soloists, brought the occasion to a serene and satisfying conclusion.

Congratulations to all in the Music Department for nurturing such great talent! The packed chapel was very appreciative and enjoyed the whole atmosphere of the afternoon. Thanks to the Parents Association for the mulled wine and mince pies! Thanks also to Santa Claus and his elves for bringing some chaos to the harmony!

Martin Wallace

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