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Posted: 5th November 2014

Outstanding Musicians

Congratulations to orchestral musicians Jack Savage (viola) in Poetry and Colin Bourke (trumpet) in Syntax. Both received High Achiever Awards from the Royal Irish Academy of Music because of their outstanding results in their grade exams last May.

Congratulations also to David Dudeney (percussion) in Rhetoric, who successfully auditioned for the Dublin Symphony Youth Orchestra and to Mark Thomas (violin), also in Rhetoric, who successfully auditioned for Leader of the Dublin Symphony Youth Orchestra.

Model Mathematicians

Were that not enough Marc Bollee, Conor Galvin, Billy Minch and new arrival Shane Hogan (all Syntax) have been identified by the State Examinations Commission as high achievers in Mathematics in the 2014 Junior Certificate examination.

Successful Scientists

Conor Galvin has also been invited to compete in the Junior Irish Science Olympiad along with Donnchadh Walsh (Poetry). The purpose of this competition is to select a team to represent Ireland in each of the sciences in the Junior European Union Science Olympiad (EUSO) and selection is based on outstanding performance in Science and Maths in the Junior Certificate exam.

The boys will sit a series of exams to be held in DCU in November, where they will be presented with material that they may not have met in school. They will be required to use their scientific reasoning skills, problem-solving abilities and knowledge to solve the problems. The top three students are awarded gold medals, the next three silver and the next six bronze. All medal winners will be invited to participate in Practical Training in DCU in January and after a further assessment, the top six students will be selected to represent Ireland at the EUSO.

In all cases may we also congratulate their teachers for fostering and nurturing their talents and abilities and wish the boys the best in their future tests and further careers.

Declan O’Keeffe, Head of Communications

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