New Foundations - Clongowes Wood College

Posted: 16th September 2014

At the Parents’ Gathering, which followed the Bicentenary Mass in Clongowes last Sunday (September 14th) the Headmaster, Fr Moloney sj spoke about the tangible excitement resulting from his announcement after Mass the previous week that a couple of important decisions would be announced at the meeting. He wished to clarify that – contrary to the rumour machine – he was neither moving as Head to another SJ school nor leaving to marry a rich woman!

That out of the way, the meeting proceeded and a very engaged audience heard the much more exciting and positive news that the Clongowes Foundation has been given substantial financial commitments, which will allow the College to proceed with the building of a:

  • Swimming Pool (2015)
  • Theatre including Debating Chamber and Music Centre (c. 2017)

Fr Moloney said that he and the Foundation were greatly heartened by the marvellous turnout adding that the vision of the Headmaster and the Board of Management includes both new facilities and refurbishment needs. Experience tells us that to achieve success we still need gifts at all levels from as many of our constituents as possible. These include, alumni, parents of alumni, current parents, the Jesuit Community, friends of Clongowes and Trusts.

The Foundation supports the Headmaster and the Board of Management in realising their vision, which includes:

  • Creating an improved learning environment
  • Continuously improving the quality of Pastoral Care (Cura Personalis)
  • Supporting the Bursary Programme

The opportunity now presents itself for our parents and alumni to deliver impact and invest in the future of Clongowes at every level as we look forward to achieving these goals together.

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