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Posted: 12th December 2013

On Thursday 5th December the Headmaster, Fr Leonard Moloney announced the results of the Catching Fire Literacy and Art Competition, organised by the James Joyce Library in conjunction with the Art and English departments. Participants in the competition designed a new cover for the book Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, which has recently been adapted for the silver screen as part of the ‘Hunger Games’ series. From the twenty-three projects submitted, four were selected for their outstanding merits and good presentation.

Pictured here are the winners Sean Monaghan, Thomas Inglis (Rudiments), Hugh Lonergan and Ryan McMahon (Elements), who let their imaginations run riot and proposed four creative visions of the book cover (see below and click to enlarge the image). Each project demonstrated an original and different interpretation of the book title, Catching Fire.

The winners, together with Ms Anna Cooper, the librarian, and Ms Alexis Fox from the Learning Resource Department, travelled to the Naas cinema on Friday 6th December for the Catching Fire movie screening. The efforts involved in the project’s preparation proved to be worthwhile as the film satisfied all (high!) expectations. Thanks to the generous support of Fr. Moloney the entire experience was a very enjoyable and indulgent one (sweets for the hunger and popcorn for the games).

The James Joyce Library would like to thank Mr Shane Heslin (English) and Mr David Nelson (Art) for their support in preparing the competition and the time spent on assessing all the submitted projects.

Here’s what the boys thought of the movie…

We went to see the new “Hunger Games” movie called “Catching Fire”. It had everything from action to sadness and comedy, to romance. It had a brilliant storyline. We all enjoyed it immensely and the main thing we said was “The movie is brilliant but I didn’t like the ending”. We highly recommend that you see the movie to find out.

“Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favour”.

Ms Anna Cooper, Librarian

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