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Posted: 2nd April 2013

Adrian Gahan (OC’97)

A former secretary of the school Adrian Gahan was awarded a first class degree in History and Politics from UCD.  At the invitation of a fellow Irishman, Professor Brendan Simms, Adrian went to the University of Cambridge in 2002 and took an M.Phil in European Studies.  Using the skills he acquired on the pitches that surround Clongowes, Adrian was able to fully immerse himself into the Cambridge experience by playing on the college rugby and cricket teams. It was through these commitments that Adrian began to build a network of friends and future colleagues.

Following his time in Cambridge, Adrian worked at the Delegation of the European Commission to the United States in Washington DC where former Taoiseach and fellow Old-Clongownian John Bruton (OC’65) was ambassador. During that time, Adrian briefed US government agencies on EU climate-change policy before returning to England to initially work for BP Alternative Energy before being asked to become an adviser on energy and climate change to David Cameron’s shadow cabinet. Adrian played an important role in the passing of the Climate Change Act and the development of policies to deliver a low carbon economy for Britain. Since 2010 Adrian has run a London and Washington DC based sustainability consultancy, Sancroft, with former UK Secretary of State for the Environment, the Rt Hon. John Gummer, Lord Deben. As Managing Director, Adrian not only provides clients with strategic advice, but also manages his team of consultants while shaping and leading the company’s growth.

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