Window Painting for DEAR - Clongowes Wood College

Posted: 10th March 2013


DEAR – Wed 6th of Mar

In celebration of World Book Week we ran our second ever DEAR (Drop
Everything And Read) event on Wed 6th Mar. In addition to teaching staff it
was also supported by auxiliary staff who joined Fr Moloney and Mr Shalvey’s
Element’s English class in the library. The other students read quietly in their
classrooms for the duration of the event, 10.30 – 11am. A range of material was
read by the students through the various formats of books, magazines and e-
readers. It was a time for all to step outside of routine and the curriculum. It
allowed for self-directed learning as students and staff chose what they wished
to read to gather knowledge and experience of the world. Imaginations were
stimulated and thoughts expanded. DEAR is time well spent and looks to
become an annual event. Thanks to all for making this a success. Special thanks
to James Lambe (Rudiments) for helping to pack and then distribute the Crème
Eggs which added to the enjoyment of this event!

Window Painting for DEAR

The Third Line study corridor got a makeover this week to promote the DEAR
event. Literary characters, ranging from the modern Mick Johnson (Gym
Candy) to the classic Sherlock Holmes were painted on the windows. The
painting was made possible through the kind assistance of Mr Nelson and the
following students, Jonathan Inglis (Poetry), John O’Connor (Poetry), Cian
Browne (Poetry), St John Hall (Elements), Breifní Halpin (Poetry), Robbie
White (Rhetoric), Pierce Hickey (Poetry), Conor Phelan (Rhetoric), Peter Brady
(Poetry), Kevin Croughan (Poetry), Dylan Hennessy (poetry),Thomas Goodman
(Rhetoric), Rowan Osborne (Syntax), Sergiu Morar (Syntax), Alex O’Sullivan
(Syntax) and Peter Brady (Poetry).

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