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Posted: 27th May 2022

Governors and students

Congratulations to the Poetry students who have been selected as the incoming House Leaders for next academic year 2022-23.

House Leaders play an important role in the College, working in service of the school and their fellow students.  There are ten Houses at Clongowes, and each House is made up of a cross-section of boys from every Year  Group, under the leadership of their House Leaders.

As their first ‘official engagement’, this new group of House Leaders will be present to welcome our incoming Elements students in September and help these, our youngest students, in the role of ‘big brothers’.

Throughout the coming year, House Leaders will be offered the opportunity to develop their own leadership styles and skills, as they discover more about the principles of  Ignatian leadership.  They will lead the school as mentors for other students and empower younger students to develop and grow during their Clongowes journey.

Clongowes Houses are named after saints and well-known Jesuits: Arrupe, Kostka, Sullivan, Hopkins, Kenney, Claver, Collins, Gonzaga, Loyola and Xavier.  Two or three House Leaders boys are assigned to lead each House.

Meet our newest House Leaders by name below.   We wish them well for the coming year.

House House Leaders
Arrupe Alex Hemeryck, Harry Mallon & Harry Roche Nagle
Claver Ibai Junttila El Busto & Luke Boylan & George Strickland
Collins Toby Griffin & Dan Daly
Gonzaga Patrick Brophy & Matthew Roche Nagle
Hopkins Conor Caso & Faouzi Kabalaoui & Henry McCallum
Kenney Joseph Moynihan & Aran Maloney
Kostka Joey Kennedy & Karl O’Sullivan
Loyola Patrick Smyth & Alex Kelly
Sullivan Max Coveney & James Keenan
Xavier Ben Smyth & James Wyse


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