Elements Virtual Art Exhibition - Clongowes Wood College

Posted: 26th February 2021

elements art class

Our Elements Virtual Art Exhibition is now live and we would like to thank all of those who took part and helped in making it a possibility. 

The boys were tasked with choosing a tree on the grounds of the College to study and draw. Mrs Brennan, their teacher noted that ‘they paid particular attention to line and texture in the creation of these stunning Lino prints’. The choosing and cataloguing of the trees would not have been possible without the help of College librarian Ms O’Loughlin and Fr Rector Michael Shiel SJ. Ms O’Loughlin helped the boys obtain information on the trees in Clongowes whilst Fr. Michael Shiel obtained maps and documents pertaining to the trees on the grounds of the College. 

The paintings were done over the course of a day and the results are a testament to both the boys and their teachers. The goal was to exhibit the works in the College after Christmas but with the country-wide lockdown, this was not possible. In the interim and until we can all gather in person a ‘virtual gallery’ was the solution. We have aimed to make the virtual experience as immersive and interactive as possible, one which the boys would be proud to have their art viewed. 

Touchingly, Mrs Brennan had a message for her students that I’m sure will resonate with all those who have attended the school –Clongowes Wood College is a very special place. We hope this exhibition reminds you in some way of what a beautiful place it is, and the beautiful people, and indeed trees that inhabit it’. 

We hope to welcome you all to the College in the near future to view these fantastic pieces of work in person, in the meantime please visit the virtual gallery below


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