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Posted: 9th November 2020

Infirmary Refurbishment
The recent refurbishment of the College Infirmary could not have been completed at a more significant time in this year of the Covid 19 pandemic. It means we can now offer a better standard of care to our students with the added benefit of a doctors surgery and physiotherapy room.
The Infirmary was built in 1872 and was one of a number of buildings overseen by the then Rector, Fr. Carbery S.J.  According to A Short History of Clongowes Wood College published in 2011 by local historian and long-time teacher of history in Clongowes, Mr Brendan Cullen, the Infirmary was a tall freestanding building with large windows to ensure adequate ventilation and a top storey that could be turned into an isolation ward to contain infectious diseases! The Infirmary is an example of how the foresight of some came to benefit the generations of pupils who followed.  It has served the College well for over the past century and a half and shall continue to serve pupils for many decades to come.
The upgrade and renovation of the Infirmary were made possible by those who support the Clongowes Foundation and we extend our thanks and appreciation for their generosity and altruism. 


The refurbished College infirmary opened its doors after the midterm break adding an even greater level of comfort for the boys. Keeping the charm and original features of the old infirmary, the new space brings it up to modern standards. The aim was to make the infirmary as comfortable as possible whilst also being conducive to seamlessly continuing student studies without disruption. 

If the boys happen to be spending time in the school infirmary and they feel like they can partake in school-work they can work remotely, with Wi-Fi access, charging points and desks. We have also added a separate physiotherapy and doctors room to the existing floor. Hopefully, the boys will find the creature comforts of the refurbished infirmary a help when they are recuperating. 

The existing infirmary building was built in 1872. Over the years the College has been affected by various illnesses such as influenza and scarlatina. A surviving 1819 infirmary medicine inventory suggests that something far less nefarious was the greatest concern for our 19th-century students – constipation and indigestion remedies were in the highest demand. Thankfully, this is no longer the case…!


The infirmary with the long-serving nurse, Miss Ellison at the turn of the century.











We have a 24-hour infirmary, managed by four Registered Nurses, who are highly experienced in dealing with injuries and illness. Nursing staff are supported by the school doctor Dr Clive Dunne, who visits the college regularly. A physiotherapist visits the college as needs be to treat boys that require rehabilitation from soft tissue injuries.

The nurses at the Clongowes infirmary provide excellent care for minor injuries, dispense any medication that is prescribed for the boys as well as helping to arrange dental, physiotherapy and other appointments.  The team is always on hand to offer a listening ear and support to boys who are feeling ill or are simply under the weather. The Nursing staff liaises closely with Prefects and parents in relation to the management of ongoing conditions and any acute injuries or illness that may arise. 


We hope that the visitors to the new infirmary have a comfortable stay and are back on their feet quickly!

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