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Posted: 19th November 2018

The autumn season is always rich in colour but as November moves towards its end the very richness of those colours is the sign that nature must face up to the fact that – to regenerate next spring – all growth must fade and die. As nature prepares to take its rest, at a time when people have safely reaped the reward of their and nature’s work in the annual harvesting of the earth’s crops, people gather to give thanks to God for His providential care of the growth in creation.

It is a time of prayer for the fruits of another sowing which has not yet reached full maturity as, along with All Saints, we also celebrate the month of All Souls. As the evenings draw in and the year moves towards its end, Christians gather to pray for a special harvesting: the gathering of our own. It is a gathering in the presence of God, who says to each one of us: You are precious to Me – I have called you by your name!

At the annual November Mass for all the deceased Past Pupils and Members of Staff and Jesuits of Clongowes that took place in the College Chapel yesterday a candle was brought to the altar to record the passing of each of the deceased – in particular those who have died in the past 12 months- whom the Lord has called home during the past year. Their names are written in the pages of our history: they are our history. It is they who have made Clongowes what it is to day. And so it is right that we – as the Family of Clongowes – remember them on this special day and commend them to God.

Here is a list of the deceased. If you know of any other deceased Past Pupils whose names are not listed here please inform Fr. Rector (

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