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Posted: 26th May 2018

As Union Day 2018 approaches  students in Syntax / Transition Year are getting their Duck Push Shop ready. It will be located in the marquee in front of the 1929 building.

We have a stock of redesigned old favourites such as the crested Rhino rugby ball (€20), good for a post lunch pass around. There are packs of crested Srixon golf balls (€20) which golfers will appreciate.

While no one expects rain on Sunday there are umbrellas in the Clongowes’ colours ready for next terms rugby games and Cup Season fixtures.

There is something for everyone this year with Seoda Dubai sterling silver friendship bracelets neatly packaged and very kindly donated to Duck Push 2018.

As in previous years, there will be Clongowes wine available which would complement any special gathering. We also have some potted plants grown earlier this term.

Finally there will be a limited number of crested jute tote bags (€12) which have the Clongowes crest on both sides. These are  perfect to help bring your purchases home as well as for carrying books, flowers (see above) laundry or tuck!

To make things easier the shop will have a card machine this year for your credit card purchases.

This year the Duck Push is aiming to purchase up to three ICU beds for Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin. These beds or resuscitairesare to help care for the tiniest patients in the Hospital keeping them warm and well cared for during the first weeks of life.

We hope that you have a very enjoyable day on Union Day and hope to see you at the Duck Push shop !

Ruairi O’Regan

Pictured above are:

Back: Joseph Dundon, Eoghan Cumbers, Harry Radmall, Elias Schwank, Alexandros Papadias, Tom Mahon, Barry Dooley

Front: Jack Hilliard, Ruairi O’Regan, Ben Keogh

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