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Posted: 23rd March 2018

The vernal equinox has come and gone, the days have begun to outstrip the nights and, as Clongowes closes its doors for the Easter Holidays and we draw breath after a busy second term, we do well to reflect on all that has befallen us since Christmas. The school has once more emerged from the darkest time of the year into the light of spring and the hope soon to be engendered by the Resurrection of Our Saviour and the brighter days ahead that it promises.

The good ship Clongowes has been sailing for over 200 years and has successfully navigated turbulent and benign seas alike with the equanimity and wisdom born of two centuries of experience. The foundation of Clongowes was the first act of the Jesuits in Ireland following a suppression that might well have destroyed the Society and a restoration that had been long prayed for. Its long and continued success and the joyful celebrations of its bicentenary have given renewed hope and energy to the mission of the Society in Ireland and a measure of validation to the work and vision of St Ignatius and of Fr Peter Kenney for the school he founded in 1814.

During the Easter season we ask that you remember all of those associated with Clongowes who are coping with illness. We also think of those who have been recently bereaved, including current and former members of staff, past pupils and relatives of current pupils.

As we look forward to the most important Church Feast and the hope that it brings we remember in our thoughts and prayers all those who have passed through the doors of the college and who have contributed to its on-going success. We give thanks for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and hope that we may be gifted with some of that wisdom as we continue to move forward in an uncertain world in the sure and certain knowledge of redemption.

Declan O’Keeffe, Head of Communications

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