Comical Allies - Clongowes Wood College

Posted: 7th October 2016

Comical Allies

Elements and Rudiments revealed their respective artistic talents at yesterday’s Comic Art Workshop presented by Kev F Sutherland on his much anticipated return to Clongowes. Kev is a Scottish comedian and comic strip creator. He has drawn for a variety of publications, including The Beano where he has been responsible (or not) for The Bash Street Kids, Dennis The Menace, Roger the Dodger and Minnie the Minx.

With his distinctive humorous style Kev demonstrated just how easy it can be to draw comic characters. He emphasised the importance of drawing large, avoiding the ‘tiny trap’ and demonstrated the importance of framing, close up, perspective and background.

Using these guidelines and following demonstration by Kev the students created their own individual comic stories which were combined to make class comics with their own original titles, Girls on Tour and The Bin-liners. Kev illustrated the covers, with each of the students adding individual detail. The comics also included a portrait of each student drawn by Kev. On seeing the originals the students were impressed and amused by the likeness captured.

Smiles and laughter throughout the workshop illustrated the enjoyment of a fun event that combined art and literacy.

Ms Jane O’Loughlin, College Librarian.

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