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Posted: 29th February 2016

Clongowes Wood College SJ

Murder, suspense, intrigue, ambition and power? Sound familiar? No, we are not talking about Macbeth as you know it, but ‘Macbeth Unlimited’ adapted by Syntax and to be performed on Thursday and Friday, March 10th and 11th at 19.00 in the Music Performance Area.

We are all familiar with Macbeth, the warrior hero who kills Duncan the legitimate king of Scotland; but what if Macbeth was working for Duncan Limited, a stock broking company in Dublin? And what if the witches happened to be three bankers who tempt him? You get the idea! Add to this some music from Abba and the play takes an interesting twist.

Rehearsals have been ongoing for this short drama and so far the boys’ disco moves have been proving somewhat less groovy than you might think…

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