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Posted: 14th September 2015

On Monday September 7th, five Rhetoric students, Daniel Lane, Michael Stapleton,  Conor Slattery, Joseph Martin and Thomas Blake (above), accompanied by Australian GAP student Patrick Sunderland and Mr Francis Marron set off for Lourdes as part of the Dublin Diocesan Annual Pilgrimage. The boys were working with over 170 sixth year students from all over the Dublin diocese and their role was to act as helpers in order to make the pilgrimage experience more enjoyable for the sick and elderly Dublin pilgrims. This year, three of the group were working as part of the ward support team. Their duties included cleaning the wards and regularly making tea for the pilgrims, however on some occasions, they shared a ‘cuppa’ and a chat with the pilgrims themselves!

The remaining two boys were working on reception at the accueil – the wards where the pilgrims reside during their stay. Their duty was to help to transfer pilgrims from their wheelchairs to the voitures or three wheeled buggies, which are used as a more comfortable mode of transport for the pilgrims to move about in the domain and various holy sites within the sacred area. The trip also has a great social aspect and the boys had plenty of opportunity to demonstrate their acting and singing skills! They didn’t disappoint and there was no shortage of party pieces in Lourdes…

The boys returned five days later, tired from all of their hard work, but nevertheless renewed and eager to share of this experience that they thoroughly enjoyed. Don’t hesitate to ask them about their time in the Pyrenees, about their musical and table quiz prowess, about their making a difference in the lives of elderly pilgrims, about their pilgrimage to Lourdes.

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Mr Francis Marron

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