A Game of Thrones - Clongowes Wood College

Posted: 18th May 2015

In legend, Chess was invented by Lugh, God of Light and Inspiration, and was played skillfully by his son, the hero Cúchulainn. Recently the Third Line had the chance to emulate these heroes and prove their own mettle as they were forged in the heat of the war games re-enacted in the college…

St. Kevin’s School in Crumlin provided the opposition for our Third Line chess teams on Thursday 7th. May. Twelve rounds of chess were played during the course of the day, with the honours falling mainly on the Clongowes side. For the visitors, Sergiu Glingeanu and Eoin Stynes proved their mettle with nine and eight victories respectively. From Elements, Adam Quinn (eleven wins and one draw) and Clement Maillard (nine wins and one draw) were outstanding. The Rudiments team had its stars in the two Christians, Duffy and Corrigan, who fought like lions (ugh! I couldn’t resist that) winning ten games each.

More importantly, all four teams had a thoroughly enjoyable day and we look forward to the return match in the autumn. Many thanks to Neil Kettles from St. Kevin’s, who organised the draw for the day, and to Teo Avram for his preparatory work with our teams!

Martin Wallace

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