Higher Line Gold Medal Debate - Clongowes Wood College

Posted: 6th May 2015

Higher Line Gold Medal Debate

It has been almost one hundred and seventy eight years since Daniel O’Connell established the Clongowes Debating Society, which has grown to become an integral part of a Clongowes education. Debating is now held as a core activity for many of the boys throughout the school, with every student being given the opportunity to speak in front of his peers and to develop skills such as critical thinking, public speaking and creativity.

This year’s Higher Line Gold Medal Debate will take place on Friday 8th May at 6.30 pm in Room 3. The motion is that: “This house would prohibit the research of sentient artificial intelligence.” It is intended to be light-hearted enough to allow for some cinema and sci-fi references, but also serious enough to get the boys thinking about the nature of personhood, freedom and morality. The boys have been working extremely hard on their speeches and it should be an excellent night.


Matthew Dundon (captain)

Sam Powell

Leonard Caprani

Barry Murphy


Matthew Gibbons

Darragh Counihan

Donnchadh Walsh

Andrew Corrigan

Mr Adam Conry

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