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Posted: 21st November 2014

Bad Moon  Rising

There was a bad moon rising over Clongowes last week. It penetrated the fog that (appropriately) shrouded the Sports Hall and cast its baleful, brooding light on the stage within, where the drama in the Rhetoric Play, ‘Drum Belly’ was acted out on an appositely minimalist stage. From the opening soliloquy to the dark denouement the young thespians of sixth year under the assured direction of their director Mr Tom Carroll pulled no punches as they told a harrowing tale set on the mean streets of New York in 1969.


The bad moon rose without and within the theatre as the sounds of the eponymous song by Creedence Clearwater Revival was just one element in a tight soundtrack that underpinned and commented on the tale that unfolded before our astonished eyes. Very Martin Scorcese. Very ‘Mean Streets’. Very ‘Gangs of New York’. Move over De Niro, Keitel and Day Lewis; there are new kids in town…

Declan O’Keeffe

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