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Posted: 15th October 2014

This morning (Wednesday 15th October) Simon Tierney (OC ’02) spoke to a selection of Higher Line students on the topic of obsessive compulsive disorder and mental well-being as part of his tour of schools and other venues in the Leinster area. In the Library, where he once held an audience spellbound as Juror No. 8 in Twelve Angry Men, Simon proved that he still has the power to command attention. The quality of focus, and the acuity of the questions that followed his talk, highlighted the boys’ interest in the topic and, more importantly, their openness in discussing matters relating to mental health.

Afterwards, Simon planted a tree to the side of the Castle as a memento of his visit and as a more permanent reminder of the condition that causes so much disruption to the lives of those afflicted by it. His visit was documented by a film crew which is preparing a programme for RTE, to be aired sometime in the new year. We are grateful to Simon for sharing his own experiences of OCD with us in his efforts to ensure that mental well-being is a topic for open discussion, especially in schools throughout Ireland.

Mr Martin Wallace

Simon Tierney Group

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