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Posted: 3rd October 2014

Not losing face: gaining Facebook

As the Clongowes Facebook page went live last week, Mr. Colm Maloney could be forgiven for shedding a few despairing tears. A vociferous advocate of the telegraph, Maloney struggled to grasp the concept of surfing webs and home pages (surely even a cottage would do?). To save face, he chose to accept that a new fad had taken hold but privately he yearned for the simplicity in a communications system serviced by carrier pigeons and postmen.

Once his frazzled mind had processed the theory behind all ‘likes’ and ‘pokes,’ Mr. Maloney’s eyes began to light up in amazement. “So you mean to say that as soon as something happens I’ll know about it?” While Mr. Maloney’s lifetime has seemingly spanned the introduction of the printing presses and the birth of the radio, never before had he cast his eyes on such immediacy in communication.

As we move further into our 200th year, Clongowes continuously strives to stay abreast of modern trends. Foremost amongst contemporary crazes has been the proliferation of life online. Whether you agree or not with the role it plays, it cannot be denied that the Internet has taken a hold across the continents that is stronger than any determined army could muster.

Mr. Maloney has since joined Facebook and invites you to do likewise. Simply ‘like’ our page (https://www.facebook.com/clongoweswoodcollegesj) or follow us on Twitter (@clongowes) and you can catch up with the school on a daily basis as we meander through our bi-centennial year!


Mr Richard McElwee

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