Sports Day - Clongowes Wood College

Posted: 23rd September 2014

Following the welcome arrival of an Indian summer last week, the athletics track was primed in preparation for Sports Day 2014. On Thursday the sun cast the playing fields and pavilions into the spotlight, whetting the physical appetites of 440 athletes. By Friday morning however, the clear skies had opted to take up residence farther afield with local areas subject to flash flooding. Amazingly, Clongowes somehow managed to stave off the inclement weather as the 10 houses laced up their runners and picked up their javelins. It would be one big race to conclude every event before the inevitable showers! (shades of the Bicentenary Pageant… ed.)


Ultimately, Xavier house – under the leadership of David Dudeney and Dan O’Leary – emerged victorious on 137 points despite the close attentions of both Arrupe and Claver who finished just two points adrift. Unfortunately no records were surrendered, although the efforts of Luke McDermott (Rudiments) to scale unprecedented heights in the high jump garnered considerable support.

To mark the day, Ann Cooke and her team laid on a much appreciated feast for the many tired limbs before Julian Andres (Elements) was given the honour of leading his triumphant house into the refectory to much applause.

Congratulations to Mr. Pat Kenny on a successful afternoon.

Mr Richard McElwee

Xavier House Trimphant

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