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Posted: 8th January 2014

With the New Year in full swing, White Collar Boxing provides its participants with the opportunity to shed some pounds and swap the safety and monotony of the office for the thrill of the boxing ring. On Monday next, thirty wannabe Tyson’s and Taylor’s will don boxing gloves for the first time as they begin six weeks of intense preparation to Fight For Jack. (Details at the bottom of this post)

On August 31st 2012, Jack Kavanagh’s life changed forever. Diving into the water on holiday in Portugal, Jack (OC 2011) suffered a C4/C5 spinal injury. He was told he would never walk again, yet Jack continues to defy the seriousness of his injury. With the help of his family and friends Jack has sought to reclaim some normality in his life. In recent months he has been able to return to Trinity College to resume his studies. But despite these improvements, Jack knows that there will be many tough days ahead. In the years to come he will need plenty of physical, moral and financial support. This is where the Clongowes community both past and present can make a difference – it is our turn to lend a hand.On Friday, February 21st 2014, Fight For Jack will take place in Dandelion Bar & Nightclub on St. Stephen’s Green ( A vast array of Old Clongownians spanning 10 years make up the majority of the contestants in what is a clear demonstration of solidarity with the Jack Kavanagh cause. While safety is of paramount importance it will nevertheless be interesting to see how the 6th year, who once owned the corridors can respond to the 1st year now twice his size…

So whether you wish to grapple or not, why not come along and enjoy a battle or two so that one day Jack might win his war…

For more information/sponsorship opportunities please contact: Derville Stacey: 0868158879 / or Richard McElwee: 045-838239 /

For tickets:

Mr Richard McElwee

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